Monday, 26 September 2011

English Winter, Australian Summer =one confused bird with NO clothes!!!

Indian Summer is upon us, brit-ettes! is this a joke?! its 27 degrees in October!!

Hell yes global warming!! good for you..

I've written this blog to help anyone in my predicament.. I am going back to sydney for Christmas with the family for a month in December.. sooo building a wardrobe for both the cold winter months coming up and also the hot month I'll have in aus was starting to peck my head.. until i came up with this blow-my-own-trumpet, BRILLIANT idea.. If your a festival goer like me, you need not worry..

Go get your peak summer festival outfits for Glastonbury (or leeds, v, bestival etc) out of the loft and make 2 piles.. winter & summer (or abroad) then put all your jackets, leather look leggings and of course your wellington boots (i have pink hunters) in the winter pile and all the floral mini dresses, denim cut offs and crop tops in the summer abroad pile.. ta daaah! how easy peasy and so much cheaper than starting all over..

now all you have to do is add a few on trend items for both piles.. like for winter example: a pair of fringed boots (bang on for the 'cowboys & indians' or 'Navarro' trends this winter, wear with a denim shirt) and for summer add a full piece cut out 'pistol panties' swimsuit and studded sandals (biker chic/beach bunny)..

Invest in shoes that you can wear both seasons tan leather wedges to wear with pastel tights in winter and bare tanned legs in summer... or some vans/converses that can be worn with leggings/skinnies/tights now and shorties/dresses in summer. ooh and maxi skirts/dresses are ideal for both as well.. layer with tights, leather jacket in winter and bare feet in summer.. delicious. there. done.

your welcome.


love lots xxx

Monday, 13 June 2011

Glastonbury Love

After attending Parklife 2011 in Manchester's Platt Fields last Saturday, has given me a festival feeling like no other I have 1 week to prepare for the biggest event on my calendar this year... GLASTONBURY!

My Top 5 festival must haves are:

1. denim cutoffs the older the better the wraggety-er the better.. (mine are sitting at home disintergrating in a bucket of bleach)

2.Obvs Hunter Wellingtons (dont be boring and go for black!! its been done.. choose something fun!!)

3. Head dress.. anything stand out and creative! I am taking A fur russian hat and a home made indian headress.. a big bow, a turban a small creature go crazy!

4. Havianas, best flip flops/thongs ever! comfy and in the loveliest colours

5. water proof something, my bf's nanna got me a leopard print waterproof poncho with a hood! soooo cute thanks cis!

Oddly I have found inspiration through an unlikely fashion Icon, most would say Mossy or Alexa Chung and choose black :(.. but after deciding to go for barbie pink hunters I found 'Matilda' The late-and-oh-so-great Heath Ledger and Actress Michelle Williams little girl.. High Five, Tot Icon! you are my footwear twinny!

I am leaving you with the fact i will be photo blogging every single outfit i wear to glastonbury this year, stay tuned..

and this...

love you.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Icons 1970 - Now..

Take on a new persona..

Become an Icon, by taking inspiration from the most fascinating fashion Icons of the 20th Century, the from the 20's to the Now, Beautiful powerful women have shaped fashion for the world, these are the women we all looked up to and wished to be..


This Summers biggest trend, is all created around the seventies, disco seventies, boho seventies and of course, seventies glamour..let's all hang out at studio 54..

Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett's hairdo was copied worldwide she was a naturally beautiful creature with golden brown skin and blonde flicks.. her style was relaxed, she looked amazing in playsuits and pant suits, her staple clothing piece were a fabulous pair of denim highwaisted flared jeans.. copy for an instant nod to the 70's trend.. tuck a floaty blouse or white vest top.. and work it, angels!

1980's the year fashion police were not present

Madonna, the word instantly reminds us of black mesh fingerless gloves, neon and hair crimping shudder.. icon? most definitely. Another Icon I feel represents the eighties is Blondie, she's punk, white blonde locks, red lipstick and a cool rock chick style..

1990's the year of the supermodel

Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell,Linda Evangelista,Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington, a crucial element of the nineties, these 5 super-supermodels took over the world of fashion, they were true beauties, full of attitude and notably the best super models in the world.

stay tuned for icons of the naughties and now!

always, el

Monday, 4 April 2011

Be Unique, Be Iconic

Fashion Icon.

Take on a new persona..
Become an Icon, by taking inspiration from the most fascinating fashion Icons of the 20th Century, the from the 20's to the Now, Beautiful powerful women have shaped fashion for the world, these are the women we all looked up to and wished to be..

Coco Chanel is possibly the most famous woman in fashion history, she started the iconic fashion, Chanel.. Coco Chanel was simply elegant and the epitome of class
Her quote,'take one thing off before you leave the house', is the mantra of the minimalists in the fashion world. Get her look, think classic, simple structured pieces, monochromatic, and strings of pearls.. to get more inspiration on this amazing era, my other favourite roaring 20's icons are Greta Garbo and Louise Brooks.


Katherine Hepburn was Iconic in more ways than one, a talented actress and fashion star, she was one of the first women to start the masculine feminine look. Her style was tailored suits and trousers, she had incredible cheek bones and always looked immaculate.. She was a wearer of high waisted flared trousers paired with button up blouses, her style was masculine tailoring but feminine hints..

Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, were icons of the fifties and were so very different, unique styling that I couldn't bear to only mention one, Marilyn was the curvy, sex kitten bombshell and Audrey was the sophisticated petite fashion icon.
Audrey made over sized sunglasses and the lbd on the map, she was classic, immaculate and luxurious yet simple, modern day Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham takes inspiration.
Marilyn Monroe had the body and shape that brought the world to their knees, she oozed sex appeal in bikinis, body con dresses, Capri pants and crop tops, shes inspired modern day bombshells such as Scarlett Johannson.

1960'sThe swinging sixties brought fashion to the masses, Twiggy, comes straight to mind, one of the very first supermodels ever, she was a sixties icon. Twiggy had beautiful Bambi like eyes, a slick cropped hair do and legs that went forever. Twiggys look was mini shift dresses, mini skirts (very mini!) She was the fashion queen of mod and is an inspiration to many women, as is Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol's muse, heavy black eyeliner eyes and a free love mod look.. it looks as though I am not the only one influenced by these sixties icon, actress Michelle Williams dresses like icons too!

Stay tuned for 70's, 80's, 90's and Modern Icons..

Your Doll

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Festivals. Summer. Glastonbury. Love. It's around the corner..

Good Morning Dolls!

It's true, I promise, Summer is sooo close!! I'm paying off my Glastonbury ticket and it IS getting warmer.. and if you can't feel it your not trying hard enough!!

Festival fashion at Glastonbury this year is constantly on my mind, Last time I went to Glastonbury I got changed a minimum of 20 times in 4 days.. that's no exaggeration either! My festival style icons for this year will be.. Daisy Lowe, Emma Watson,
Agnes Deyn and of course classic queen of the cool, Mossy.. and my inspirational location, Woodstock!

I am not a lover of maths but there is a logical, simple way to create a stunning festival look.. denim shorts (high waisted or hipster,optionally frayed) plus wellington boots (in a bright block colour or classic black) I'd steer clear from printed wellies, they wont match with everything!, or gladiators/sandals plus vintage/printed top (ebay vintage shirt), messy easy hair and scarf/vest.. easy peasy!

Start taking inspiration from colour and bright summery prints, butterflies are high up on my list, Nagri for Marc Jacobs is copying my inspiration ;) with this fifties style dress! what a summer stunner!
Loving Dolly Daydreams Butterfly maxi.. wear with flat sandals and a floppy seventies style hat, and at night with tan wedges and wooden jewellery.. mmm..

Love. Peace.

Monday, 28 February 2011

'..I'd like to thank..' Oscars Fashion Buzz 2011

White is right

Michelle Williams flawless Chanel Gown.. Others opting for the cream/white look is Gwyneth Paltrow shimmering beautiful in Calvin Klein Collection, and Cate Blanchett never missing a beat in Givenchy, the yellow detailing giving a nod to the trend of neon brights this spring summer.. These women have nailed the oscars red carpet, lets hope no-one got red wine spilt on them in the after parties!

Michelle Williams wearing Chanel

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein Collection

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy

More Nominations for Best Dressed on the red carpet were

Amy Adams in L'wren Scott, rocking the 'jewel colours' trend Amy Adams does old time glamour perfectly.

A Glowing Natalie Portman in Amazing Purple Rodarte dress, beautified her bump, loving the 'jewel colours' trend again.

Natalie Portman's co star, Mila Kunis looked ballet beautiful in a lilac Elie Saab gown the lace detailing on this dress is absolutly amazing..

Well Done Ladies.. You made my Oscars watching very pleasing..

Short but Sweet,
More Soon, El Doll xxxx

Next Blog: London Fashion Week!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

"and the winner is.." The Grammys Fashion Trends

I truly love music, but I've never watched the Grammys anxious in anticipation for 'best new artist' or 'country album of the year'?! really?!

The real reason we watch is for the winners & sinners of the fashion pack. From the outrageous & inventive to the chic glamazons putting their influence on the up & coming trends of 2011.

And the nominees are..

Classic Chic.
Glee Queen, Lea Michelle keeps it simple with this asymmetrical navy feathered dress.. round of applause for our version.. :)

get this look. cream one sleeved dress £22.50! I wonder if Lea paid this much ;)

Eva Longoria in Monochrome Magic..

get this look. white feather dress with black belt £40.00

I love Nicky Minajs' music but this truly hurts my eyes.. your disqualified, love.

Get this look: DON'T!!

And the winner is..
Our very own homegrown Florence Welch, from the band Florence & the machine..
just beautiful & classic.. plus I'm OVER Black!!!

Get her look with our new cut-out maxi dress £39.50

I'm off to try and squeeze myself into the Florence dress, for our fashion show on Friday night.. That's all, folks!

Love Your Doll, El

Friday, 4 February 2011

Never Mind the Bollocks.. this is Punk 2011..

Punk has always been an influence on fashion since The Sex Pistols began and Vivienne Westwood started her iconic fashion label. Punk is all about having a fierce fashion statement and going against the grain, rebelling against the 'norm' and not becoming a fashion clone.

Alice Dellal, is one of the modern role models for amazing punk fashion, both day and night, she oozes punk sexuality and has an air of 'I don't care' mentality.. She is my Punk fashion icon 2011!

Daytime Punk
Punk should look 'no effort', just got out of bed hair and I just 'threw these clothes on, cause they were clean' type style, but obviously don't do that!
An easy daytime punk look is simple but edgy, a pair of heavy boots, a pair of coloured tights, I love khaki and taupe atm, or black, with ripped denim shorts with a button up shirt, giving it the 2011 punk twist, and of course punk's ultimate accessory a leather jacket.. I'm loving Gisele Bundchen's Campaign for Balenciaga so fresh and edgy.

Glam Punk
2011's punk is the traditional elements with a modern twist, be influenced by Balmain's slick punk look it's fresh sexy and strong, or take inspiration from e Courtney Love in her prime, piling on necklaces and mixing fabrics to create an eclectic look or the obvious rock chick Kate Moss and go simple sexy with a lbd with black boots. Punk should have no rules but steer clear of over the top studs, I'd leave the safety pins to the designers (don't add your own), and to keep it modern do not go out in complete black, few people can pull this off, you want Punk not Goth!!

Whatever, Doll!

Bye! Bye!
El x

Monday, 31 January 2011

The 1920's Fashion Empire Invade & All That Jazz...

Good Evening There, Dolls..

I know the weekend is been and gone but keep those fashionable heads up!
As I have some gooood news! The fashion world has been swept off it's Louboutins by a new fabulous 1920's trend. Inspired by the new american series, 'The Boardwalk Empire' set in the 20's, which'll be hitting our small screens next week..

Also notably The King's Speech in which believe it or not the queen mum played by Helena Bonham Carter is a 20's fashion icon for this trend! The queen mum! I know. weird. Fantastic film, you must see it, daahhhling!

To work this look for daytime friendly go for a sweet ladylike look with loose fit dresses to wear with cloche hats, on trend billowing blouses and brogues, or wide leg trousers and tuck in a slinky blouse. This pink floaty dress gives a subtle nod to the trend and looks amazing with nude tights and brogues for daytime feminine sophistication. £36.00

Take evening inspiration, from the cool-as-you-can girls from Boardwalk empire, Gillian, Lucy and Margaret rock beaded or fringed dresses with furs, such as our 1920's inspired black draped fur coat £34.50 from
Wear with dark lipstick and curly of finger waved hair.. deliciously demure and secretly sexy is the idea to channel the iconic, glamourous women of the prohibitian era.
Catch you dolls later at the blue lagoon for a martini and a quick charleston..
moi moi Ella xxx