Sunday, 28 November 2010

We All Love To Shine in Sequins!

Welcome to the Dolly Daydream Blog!

As it's our first blog, it obviously had to sparkle, so we're all about the sequins!!! And we're not the only ones! Anyone who saw last nights X Factor will have seen Cheryl Cole looking outrageously fabulous, as always, in a fitted, sequined dress. If you're loving Cheryl's style right now, and we definitely are, check out our sequin cut out dress!!! If you're a true Cheryl fan, I know you're gonna love it!

Meanwhile, Elle Magazine is taking sequins one step further with sequin shorts!!! Being one of the most fashionable towns in Cheshire, I know our Dollies will be all over this trend and we've got identical sequin shorts to the Topshop ones featured in Elle Magazine! Elle's styled them without tights, but for anyone who was out last night and is still desperately trying to thaw out, I wouldn't recommend bare legs!!! Try them with thick black opaques, or inject some personality and try them with red opaques or leopard print!

Or if you're looking for a simple LBD, with a bit of Christmas magic, we've got a stunning black, backless, sequin dress. If you're lucky enough to have your diary packed with Christmas parties this December this dress is guaranteed to work for every occasion. So there's no need to spend money on hundreds of different outfits ... I'm sure we'll still find an excuse though!

We've got some of our best party dresses on the Dolly Daydream website, visit us now!!!