Monday, 28 February 2011

'..I'd like to thank..' Oscars Fashion Buzz 2011

White is right

Michelle Williams flawless Chanel Gown.. Others opting for the cream/white look is Gwyneth Paltrow shimmering beautiful in Calvin Klein Collection, and Cate Blanchett never missing a beat in Givenchy, the yellow detailing giving a nod to the trend of neon brights this spring summer.. These women have nailed the oscars red carpet, lets hope no-one got red wine spilt on them in the after parties!

Michelle Williams wearing Chanel

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein Collection

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy

More Nominations for Best Dressed on the red carpet were

Amy Adams in L'wren Scott, rocking the 'jewel colours' trend Amy Adams does old time glamour perfectly.

A Glowing Natalie Portman in Amazing Purple Rodarte dress, beautified her bump, loving the 'jewel colours' trend again.

Natalie Portman's co star, Mila Kunis looked ballet beautiful in a lilac Elie Saab gown the lace detailing on this dress is absolutly amazing..

Well Done Ladies.. You made my Oscars watching very pleasing..

Short but Sweet,
More Soon, El Doll xxxx

Next Blog: London Fashion Week!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

"and the winner is.." The Grammys Fashion Trends

I truly love music, but I've never watched the Grammys anxious in anticipation for 'best new artist' or 'country album of the year'?! really?!

The real reason we watch is for the winners & sinners of the fashion pack. From the outrageous & inventive to the chic glamazons putting their influence on the up & coming trends of 2011.

And the nominees are..

Classic Chic.
Glee Queen, Lea Michelle keeps it simple with this asymmetrical navy feathered dress.. round of applause for our version.. :)

get this look. cream one sleeved dress £22.50! I wonder if Lea paid this much ;)

Eva Longoria in Monochrome Magic..

get this look. white feather dress with black belt £40.00

I love Nicky Minajs' music but this truly hurts my eyes.. your disqualified, love.

Get this look: DON'T!!

And the winner is..
Our very own homegrown Florence Welch, from the band Florence & the machine..
just beautiful & classic.. plus I'm OVER Black!!!

Get her look with our new cut-out maxi dress £39.50

I'm off to try and squeeze myself into the Florence dress, for our fashion show on Friday night.. That's all, folks!

Love Your Doll, El

Friday, 4 February 2011

Never Mind the Bollocks.. this is Punk 2011..

Punk has always been an influence on fashion since The Sex Pistols began and Vivienne Westwood started her iconic fashion label. Punk is all about having a fierce fashion statement and going against the grain, rebelling against the 'norm' and not becoming a fashion clone.

Alice Dellal, is one of the modern role models for amazing punk fashion, both day and night, she oozes punk sexuality and has an air of 'I don't care' mentality.. She is my Punk fashion icon 2011!

Daytime Punk
Punk should look 'no effort', just got out of bed hair and I just 'threw these clothes on, cause they were clean' type style, but obviously don't do that!
An easy daytime punk look is simple but edgy, a pair of heavy boots, a pair of coloured tights, I love khaki and taupe atm, or black, with ripped denim shorts with a button up shirt, giving it the 2011 punk twist, and of course punk's ultimate accessory a leather jacket.. I'm loving Gisele Bundchen's Campaign for Balenciaga so fresh and edgy.

Glam Punk
2011's punk is the traditional elements with a modern twist, be influenced by Balmain's slick punk look it's fresh sexy and strong, or take inspiration from e Courtney Love in her prime, piling on necklaces and mixing fabrics to create an eclectic look or the obvious rock chick Kate Moss and go simple sexy with a lbd with black boots. Punk should have no rules but steer clear of over the top studs, I'd leave the safety pins to the designers (don't add your own), and to keep it modern do not go out in complete black, few people can pull this off, you want Punk not Goth!!

Whatever, Doll!

Bye! Bye!
El x