Monday, 26 September 2011

English Winter, Australian Summer =one confused bird with NO clothes!!!

Indian Summer is upon us, brit-ettes! is this a joke?! its 27 degrees in October!!

Hell yes global warming!! good for you..

I've written this blog to help anyone in my predicament.. I am going back to sydney for Christmas with the family for a month in December.. sooo building a wardrobe for both the cold winter months coming up and also the hot month I'll have in aus was starting to peck my head.. until i came up with this blow-my-own-trumpet, BRILLIANT idea.. If your a festival goer like me, you need not worry..

Go get your peak summer festival outfits for Glastonbury (or leeds, v, bestival etc) out of the loft and make 2 piles.. winter & summer (or abroad) then put all your jackets, leather look leggings and of course your wellington boots (i have pink hunters) in the winter pile and all the floral mini dresses, denim cut offs and crop tops in the summer abroad pile.. ta daaah! how easy peasy and so much cheaper than starting all over..

now all you have to do is add a few on trend items for both piles.. like for winter example: a pair of fringed boots (bang on for the 'cowboys & indians' or 'Navarro' trends this winter, wear with a denim shirt) and for summer add a full piece cut out 'pistol panties' swimsuit and studded sandals (biker chic/beach bunny)..

Invest in shoes that you can wear both seasons tan leather wedges to wear with pastel tights in winter and bare tanned legs in summer... or some vans/converses that can be worn with leggings/skinnies/tights now and shorties/dresses in summer. ooh and maxi skirts/dresses are ideal for both as well.. layer with tights, leather jacket in winter and bare feet in summer.. delicious. there. done.

your welcome.


love lots xxx